​​​​​Gulf Coast Wildlife Rehab

What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation begins when an animal is found and reported to a wildlife rehabilitator. The rehabilitator will ask various questions to determine if the animal is sick, injured and/or orphaned. The rehabilitator may decide to allow you to place the animal back in the environment where found. If determination is made that the animal needs assistance, you will be directed as to where to take the animal. If, after being accessed by a Veterinarian, it appears the animal can make a complete recovery through rehabilitation, the animal will be fed, nurtured and provided safe temporary housing and medical attention if needed. If illness or injuries or not correctable and allow the animal to live successfully in the wild, animals will be euthanized in a humane way to prevent suffering. If illnesses and/or injuries are correctable but do not allow for the release of the animal, animals are sometimes placed in educational facilities. AT NO TIME IS WILDLIFE REHABILITATION USED TO TURN WILDLIFE INTO PETS! Exposure to humans is limited to the time it takes to release back into the wild.

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At Gulf Coast Wildlife Rehab, we use a group of Doctors (Bienville Animal Medical Center) with expertise and knowledge in handling and treating wildlife. Every animal we rehab is initially seen by one of the Doctors to ensure the animal is healthy or to treat the animal if needed.

Their devotion and dedication allows us to save so many animals here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. We are extremely excited to have them as a part of our team.